Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hindus Blamed for Koran Burning in Pak

Another Koran burning has Hindus fleeing their village in Pakistan, as extremists attempt to scapegoat them:

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Goldman Sachs Upbeat on India

Goldman-Sachs is positive about India's improving pace of economic growth, expecting more reforms to further boost the economy:

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Top Secret Files Leaked on India's French Subs

India's naval security seems to have suffered a serious setback, as someone appears to have leaked all the secrets about India's upcoming Scorpene-class submarines being built by the French:

I wonder if this is the work of Chinese hackers, punishing India for its recent moves on the South China Sea.

The source of the leak appears to have occurred in France:

North Korea Tests Submarine-Launched Missile

North Korea has fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile, according to reports from South Korea:

The launch is the latest in a series of tests - this missile was fired in April

As we know, both North Korea and Pakistan are China's twin fists or attack dogs.

Pakistan, which is ahead on nuclear warhead technology, has shared this with North Korea - and North Korea, which is ahead on missile technology, has shared theirs with Pakistan. China benefits from the rogue activities of both.

So don't be surprised if submarine-launched missiles soon show up in Pakistan's submarine fleet in the not too distant future.

Karachi to Be Run by Jailed Politician

Once again highlighting Pakistan's precariously unstable domestic politics, the elections for mayor of Karachi have been won by a politician currently serving a jail sentence:

Monday, August 22, 2016

Balochistan: Turning the Tables On Pakistan

The best defense is a good offense, and the Modi govt's move to turn the tables on Pakistan by raising the questions over Gilgit & Baltistan, POK, as well as Balochistan will now vigorously put the ball back in Pakistan's court on ending its aggression towards neighbors. We have not only Afghanistan but also Bangladesh on our side - and probably some quiet tacit acceptance from the Americans, given their own frustrations with Pakistan.

And if China tries to up the ante against India by challenging us over the NorthEast, then we'd better immediately respond by raising the issue of Tibet. They're already picking fights with their other neighbors, and it's upto them on whether they want to simultaneously escalate a fight with us.

If Baloch are ethnically related to the Kurds, then Hindus will be like the vulnerable Yazidis as Pak fights back using Taliban-type jihadis to support its army.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

BBC Continuing Propaganda Against India

I think the BBC must be infested with British Pakistanis, to be so doggedly pursuing anti-Indian propaganda:

Friday, August 19, 2016

Afghanistan's Karzai Supports Modi on Balochistan

Afghan leader Hamid Karzai has voiced his support for Modi's stand on the Balochistan issue:

The vital support of Afghanistan, which shares a troubled border with the area, could help make the case for stronger Indian support to Balochistan's independence movement:

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Badminton player P.V Sindhu a "right wing" Hindu?

#PVSindhu India's Olympic Gold medal hope. 

She is seen here praying to Goddess Mahankali at the Temple in Hyderabad and making an offering for good luck; vowing to return every year - prior to her departure for the Rio Olympics.

That absolutely makes her a "communal", "obscurantist", "right wing", "fundamentalist" Hindutvawaadi in the lexicon of the Macaulayites.

I hope she wins Gold tomorrow and makes us all proud - except those who would "leave" the country protesting against a "fascist" Hindu's victory at the Olympics!

Jai Telangana! Vande Mataram!

Bangladesh Supports Modi on Balochistan

Bangladesh has expressed its support to PM Modi on Balochistan, saying that Pakistan hasn't learned any lessons from 1971:

It would be great if Afghanistan could likewise join in with its voice, too. With enough voices to highlight the issue internationally, then Pakistan will be on the back foot.