Wednesday, November 30, 2016

US Naval Inspection Finds Indian Aircraft Carriers Lacking

A US naval team sent to inspect India's aircraft carriers in development has found alarming shortcomings:

Trump Asks Bharara to Stay On As US Attorney

Preet Bharara has accepted President-elect Donald Trump's request to stay on as Federal Prosecutor for Manhattan South district:

Perhaps Trump intends for Bharara to become his pitbull against the Clinton Foundation, or at least to continue going after big Wall Street banks.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Terrorist Attack on Indian Army Camp in Nagrota Kills 7

7 soldiers have been killed in a terrorist attack on an Indian Army camp in Nagrota, in J&K:

No Ideas Among "Hindu Right"?

Not according to Aaatish Taseer, son of the late Salman and Tavleen, who spouts off in NYT against the "Hindu Right":

He even quotes Rajeev:

“So if you are an embattled Hindu, or even an atheist Indian,” Rajeev Srinivasan wrote in the right-wing magazine Swarajya, “you feel there is an entire constellation of powers with a negative intent arrayed against you, and that they have created a galaxy of sepoys, especially in media and academia.”
Historically, a “sepoy” was an Indian soldier serving in the British Army. It has become a favorite jibe on the right for an Anglicized liberal elite that was seen to be working against its own country.

Taseer babbles about the "Hindu Right" not having any ideas - I dunno, we've churned out plenty of ideas on just this one blog alone. It seems more like the Indian Left being the intellectually bankrupt ones. He only seems to want to project his own narrative onto others.

Monday, November 28, 2016


Has anybody been watching Westworld? It's an HBO-produced TV reboot of a 1970s movie by the same name. Like Blade Runner, it features a gripping suspenseful storyline which tackles interesting issues around the ethics of artificially-produced beings, consciousness and memory. It also presents the idea of "reality" as a narrative, which can fall apart when cracks in it are revealed. Other themes include reincarnation, past life memories, karma/fate, and attaining nirvana/fulfillment. It's a different take on Roy Batty's predicament.

Episode 10 of Westworld, the first season finale, will air a week from now. The series has overtaken Game of Thrones in popularity, and it's probably better to binge-watch all the available episodes back-to-back, because the first season is about to complete.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Pak Names New Army Chief

Pakistani Lt Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa has been named the new Pakistan Army Chief:

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Fight Over US Secretary of State

A fight is brewing over the appointment of the US Secretary of State.

Mitt Romney, who is a known Atlanticist and NeoCon, is being considered for Secretary of State by Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, the rest of Trump's team are completely against the induction of Romney, who had mercilessly attacked Trump during the election campaign, with the support of NeoCons opposed to Trump.

Trump is rumored to be currently leaning toward picking Romney, with the latter possibly preparing an apology speech to proclaim his change of heart toward Trump, in connection with an announcement of his appointment as early as tomorrow. This sudden turn has alarmed the rest of Trump's team as well as Trump's grassroots base, who are scrambling to weigh in with their opposition to Romney.

President Trump Seen to Help US-India Ties in Particular

US ties to India are particularly expected to benefit under a Trump presidency - here's why:

Asia Society, run out of New York, has a more mixed view:

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Nikki Haley Appointed US Ambassador to UN

Nikki Haley has accepted Donald Trump's offer to be US Ambassador to the United Nations:

Personally, I don't see what great skills she brings to the UN ambassador role, since she has no foreign policy experience. On the one hand, since she's Indian and a woman, it shows he's supporting "diversity", etc. On the other hand, she did quickly participate in attacking Trump during the Republican Primary, at the behest of the establishment - so perhaps Trump is moving her to a position where she cannot be readily co-opted by the treacherous establishment to be the face of a future rebellion they might mount against him.

Tulsi Gabbard would have been a better choice, in terms of her knowledge and experience.

Kejriwal Goes AAPe During BBC Interview

Kejriwal makes a fool out of himself in an interview with BBC: