Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Quick notes: Human rights, Londonistan...

  • Theresa May: Human rights laws could change for terror fight -- will they stop preaching us?

  • Londonistan: One child went home and said, “Mummy I want to become a Muslim”, after Khuram Butt brainwashed him in a local park

  • Habeeb Ghani: Serial molester in Bengaluru is son of former J&K minister Abdul Ghani.

  • Chakma villages torched in Bangladesh: Bengali Muslim settlers at it again.

  • The new imperialist: China cautions India against forming informal alliances to counter its increasing assertiveness.

  • Failed strategy: Natural gas production no longer profitable business in India.

  • Switch to renewable energy: South Korea turns its back on coal and nuclear power

  • It is here: 'Climate change led to warmest years in India over last one- and-half decade'

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